How-To: Adjustable Snorricam • Posted By JJ

This is kinda cool, I’ve been seeing this effect pop-up more and more these day, this tutorial teaches you how to make your own Snorricam.  If i had the tools and a video capable DSLR then i diffently would.

The Snorricam, named after Einar Snorri and Eiour Snorri,or the “Snorri Brothers”, is a body mount for a camera which is used to create an interesting point of view, which can be seen in such movies as I Am Legend, Slumdog Millionaire, and The Hangover. I work for a small video production company, and with much enthusiasm from my boss, I designed and built my own version of the Snorricam, which is very adjustable and versatile. For about $30 in parts, and around a day of labor, You can have yourself an adjustable Snorricam of your own!


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How-To: Adjustable Snorricam


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