Japanese based designer Noriyuki Otsuka recently completed the design of a all white shop with a mesh portal in the upcoming neighborhood of Umeda in Osaka, Japan. The design of LE CIEL BLEU is based on his design philosophy “Nothing is everything,” then Otsuka brought the design to life with his other philosophy “Mixtures of transparency.”

Basically the after reading his “philosphy’s” its quite clear to see that dude is fucking crazy. He’s probably currently growing a Pai-Mei beard as we speak. Doesn’t really matter though because his eye for aesthetics is pretty sleek.

The floor was hand painted with original gold paint, while the walls and ceiling were finished in an acrylic emulsion paint.

The shelves made out of mirror and transparent acrylic are something that I need in my life. The wall is back lit with white lighting and has the name of the store in neon lighting shining above it. It’s like the new Tron movie  just straight up changed designers whole swag this year.


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